Disclaimer: Information described here is for quick reference, please pay attention to relevant offices guidelines as requirements & process changes time to time.

  1. Obtain birth certification from Hospital as soon as baby is born and also get address for translations offices (generally first 2-3 days)
    1. Passport copies (parents)
    2. Name of the baby
    3. Temporary residence registration
    4. Visa page copy
    5. Marriage certificate
  2. Get marriage certificate attested by Indian consulate (1 day) – need to go in person
    1. Both parents Passport copies (2 copies)
    2. Visa page on passport (2 copies)
    3. Fill in the form provided at consulate office
    4. Fee – around 143 rmb
    5.  Need to apply in the morning and collect the document in afternoon
  3. Get Birth certificate translated at Shanghai Oriental Notary Public Office (7 working days- normal, expedited 5 working day (150 ¥ additional)
    1. Go to No. 598 Fengyang road, Shanghai
    2. Passport, Visa page, birth certificate, marriage certificate and consulate attestation of marriage certificate (done in step 2). Also, 1-2 copies of each, name change affidavit of mother (if changed after marriage)
    3. Would suggest to carry temporary residence (can’t remember if they asked for this)
    4. While applying the document they will ask if the document need to be notarized by the foreign affairs (and you say YES
    5. First copy 250 extra copy 10 rmb. They will ask how many copies required. You can ask any number of copies and you will need only one
    6. Process will take approximately 7. Working days to get the document, ¥150 extra if need to expedite to 5 working days.
    7. While getting the document ask for foreign affairs office in Pudong (which is in Misheng road closer to where we give interview – just across the side road
    8. IMPORTANT: Document provided by this office are sealed in a pocket – DO NOT OPEN as we need to submit sealed document in next step
  4. Go to foreign affairs office for notarization (1-2 weeks) – Pudong branch : 158 Minsheng road, building A, 101 room.
    1. Take a token and there is special counter for English and tell them you need notarization/legalization for Indian passport
    2. They will collect the sealed envelope got from pervious step
    3. Charge you 338 rmb – 4 working days to collect (additional 100rmb for  1 day / 50¥ for 2 day collection service) – non cash payment possible (Alipay/WeChat pay/cards)
  5. Take baby photo (1 day)
    1. Take baby photo ears should be visible and front facing on while background (can be done at home)
    2. Give the photo to special photo center for developing
    3. Check Indian passport size photo specification and get enough copies from photo shop (2*2 inches)
  6. Apply for passport & Indian birth certificate (1 to 2 weeks) – in person by one of the parent @CGIShanghai
    1. Fill in the application for babies born in China – there are 3 options chose the last one and fill the form
    2. Application form, photos, Passport of parents, notarized documents (original and 2 copies each). Check the website if you need any additional documents
    3.  Fees – 449 ¥ (143 ¥ birth certificate +306 ¥ passport
    4. Ensure to apply for Indian birth certificate – online application to be done prior to passport online application
  7. Importantly inform visa agent that you will get passport within 2 week and what are requirement for Visa application. So he will plan it in the calendar
  8. Apply for Visa (2-3 weeks)
    1. Passports of baby, parents, birth certificate (provided by hospital), temporary residence and any other document as requested by Visa Agent
    2. Process takes around 2-3 weeks

Time is Critical: Total number of weeks. You need to apply for baby Visa within 2 months from DOB – this is rule from China Govt (not sure what the penalty is). So you get exactly 8 weeks for all process to be completed. So do not waste single day.

Step 1 & 2 (1 week)+ Step 3 (1 week)+Step 4 & 5 (2 weeks)+Step 6 (2 weeks)+Step 7 (2 weeks) = 8 weeks

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