Shanghai Kannadigaru started off for Shanghai Chongming Island day trip with full zest on 16 January 2021.
Excitement & brief introductions, though weather forecasted not at its very best. As we made ourselves comfortable , delicious breakfast was handed out to us. A wonderful experience eating yummy uppittu (upma) and shira in the moving bus. Lovely 30min drive & we reached the park to visit the strawberry picking farm.
Good walk inside the park, and the rosy strawberries waiting for us in the warm. Next stop was the orange picking place, delightful case of fruits hanging low. Lovely stroll inside, tasting oranges, taking pics & we were again on the go.

Driving to the main event resort, we spent the time playing the Housie game. Delicious lunch awaited us here, although some dishes we couldnt even name. Individual and team games kept the josh alive for both adults and kids alike. Treasure hunt for kids, and few people showcasing their talent on the mike. Kite flying experience along with churmuri, thoroughly enjoyable and fun. Bonfire with tasty ambode and tea signalled this party was not yet done.

One of the best moments for me was the walk under the starry night sky.
Marking an end to a remarkable day, experiences that surely money cant buy.

Jan.16, 2021

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